Wonder walks



Wonder walks provide group & Individual walks. Walks last between 45 mins to an hour and there will be no more than four dogs on a group walk at one time to make sure your dog receives the attention they need. Walks can be straight from your home, or you can have your prize pooch chauffeured to a local green area in our specially set up van, fitted with pet crates of various sizes to ensure your pets comfort and safety.

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Pack prices

We know many owners have more than one dog, so we specialize in multiple dogs from one household. These walks are £10 per walk for the first dog and then £5 for each additional dog from the same household.

Solo Walks

Solo walks last between 45 mins and 1 hour, are tailored to your dogs needs. 

£12 per walk.

Group Walks

Group walks run twice a day at

 10:30am and 1:30pm.

 Group walks last between

 45 mins and 1 hour 

and can be a great way for your dog to enjoy some Canine company!

Our group walks contain no more than four dogs at one time.

£10 per walk.

Pet Visits

We will visit your pet(s) and feed and care fore them. Visits last up to 30 mins and cater for various animals.

£8 per visit.